7 Horrifying Things Flossing Helps Prevent

Brushing your teeth twice a day is important for your oral health, but if you are not flossing your teeth after brushing, you could be in for some problems with your teeth and gums. No amount of brushing can thoroughly remove all [...]

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How Annual Checkups Help To Maintain White Teeth

Your smile says a lot about you, and can even affect your self-esteem. One of the best ways to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile is with regular visits to Monroe Family Dentistry. Routine dental exams and attractive teeth go hand in hand [...]

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Prepare For Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery

After our dentist in Monroe refers you to an oral surgeon who specializes in wisdom tooth extraction, you might discover that the process will involve the removal of only one wisdom tooth or complete wisdom teeth removal. Although surgeons provide recovery instructions, [...]

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Monroe Dentist Talks Impacted Teeth

Learn more about impacted teeth As new teeth grow in, especially the wisdom teeth, they sometimes become impacted in the jaw. An impacted tooth is a common dental problem, but it sometimes can have painful symptoms and usually requires surgery for treatment. [...]

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Important Pointers Before You Make That Dental Implant Appointment

Dental implants are posts that are positioned surgically into the jawbone to allow the surgeon to attach replacement teeth into your gum. They act as the tooth root would by holding the new set of teeth in place. These replacement teeth are [...]

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5 Tips To Maintain Professionally Whitened Teeth

How to Maintain Professionally Whitened Teeth If you’ve just had a procedure to have whitened teeth, you’re probably loving your brand new smile. Over time, though, foods and drinks will dull your pearly whites. In order to keep your newly whitened teeth [...]

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