Dentures are prosthetic teeth used to replace missing natural teeth. Dentures are removable, which means you can take it out and put it back whenever you want. In the past, people didn’t opt for dentures because they didn’t feel like natural teeth. State-of-the-art technology and innovations have created a more natural look and feel. Still, many people don’t prefer dentures because of misconceptions:

Dentures reduce chewing abilities

Do you know that your chewing ability can be restored with dentures by 70 to 80 percent? With that said, temporary dentures can cause difficulties while chewing food, compared to permanent dentures. Partial dentures attached to your gums support your ability to chew, which is why  the fit of your dentures are important.

Dentures are for senior adults

The second most common misconception is that only older adults wear a set of dentures. You don’t need to be above 60 to use a denture. Dental dentures are recommended by your dentist when you are missing your natural teeth due to tooth decay, disease, or injury. Other dental procedures, like dental bridges and implants, can be done, but are expensive. With dentures, you can chew food, smile and not worry about breaking the bank.

You only have to eat selective food

You can eat what you want! In fact, new dentures are made rigid but flexible so you can enjoy eating and chewing everything. Although you can eat everything and that wouldn’t harm your teeth or gums, it’s better to follow the food recommendation chart to prolong your denture’s health.

Partial Dentures are noticeable

Dentures were only supposed to help you chew better in the past. However, today’s dentures help with chewing and improve your smile. There is absolutely no reason to worry about it being unnatural or noticeable. Modern-day dentures can be modified according to your gum and jaw, making the dentures look realistic.

You need denture adhesive

Denture adhesive is only used when your dentures don’t fit or stick to your mouth properly. The idea of using adhesive is to give your dentures something to hold on to. This prevents your dentures from flying off when you sneeze or cough. If your dentures are already well-fitted, you probably won’t need the adhesive.

It is all your fault

Missing a tooth or teeth isn’t anyone’s fault. You can have gum diseases or can sustain any injury, and that’s beyond your control. Therefore, you don’t need to be embarrassed or ashamed of yourself for having dentures. However, you can protect your teeth by taking care of your oral health. Daily brushing and flossing, consulting your dentist every six months, filling up cavities the second you notice it or feel pain are things you can do to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

You will adjust immediately

This is a misconception as well! After all, you will not feel a hundred percent comfortable the moment your dentist fits the denture inside your mouth. The process of adjustment can be slow. Depending on your age, chewing ability, and the denture’s fitting, it might take 1-4 weeks for you to adjust to the new setting.

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Seven Most Common Misconceptions About Dental Dentures | Monroe Family Dentistry
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Seven Most Common Misconceptions About Dental Dentures | Monroe Family Dentistry
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