Dentures are a life-saver; they improve your smile and the ability to talk and consume food when you have missing or decayed teeth. There are two types of general dentures types: complete and partial dentures. Dentures replace a missing tooth or a set of teeth and are a smart aesthetic choice.

But what is the difference between partial and complete dentures?

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are perfect when your gum is missing a set of teeth and you need a permanent solution. Full dentures are made keeping your mouth and teeth’s shape in mind. When you visit Dr. K, he will take impressions of the upper and lower arches of your mouth. The impressions are sent to the lab to create a prosthetic denture that matches your teeth and gums. The fabricated denture is then adjusted inside your mouth.

One of the many advantages is you get to choose the materials, color and shape of the dentures with the help of your doctor. For your dentures to be more effective, you need to visit Dr. K frequently to examine and discuss your bite, speech and appearance.

During the subsequent visits, the remaining teeth will be removed if they aren’t missing already. Tooth extraction can take time, depending on your teeth’s condition. Your dentist will be able to tell you that through some diagnosis.

Pros of Complete Dentures:

  1. Improves your smile.
  2. Improves your chewing and speaking ability.
  3. Looks natural.
  4. Boosts confidence.
  5. Great for patients of all ages.
  6. It’s cost effective.


  1. Needs frequent visits to the dentist.
  2. May alter your chewing efficiency compared to your natural teeth.
  3. May change your speaking ability, for which you will need to revisit your dentist.
  4. You may feel some discomfort.

Partial Dentures

Similar to complete dentures, a partial denture is used to replace the lost teeth. With partial dentures, you get the advantage of taking it on and off whenever you need it. The dentures aren’t entirely fixed and the base of it resembles the color of your natural teeth and gums. For that to happen, your dentist will need a dental and gum impression. Once the denture is made, it is attached to existing teeth through a clasp or another device.

The first phase starts by preparing the teeth for the removable partial denture. Dr. K will then take the impression of your mouth and record your bite. Once the impressions are received, he will evaluate your bite. This will happen in a few subsequent visits. During the evaluation, your dentist evaluates your speech, ability to bite and overall appearance to make sure everything is normal and that you are comfortable.


  1. Improves smile aesthetics.
  2. Easily removable.
  3. Looks natural.
  4. Restores chewing and speaking ability.
  5. Great for patients of all ages.


  1. Need a few dentist sessions for adjustment.
  2. You may face complications during eating or speaking.
  3. You may feel mild discomfort at first.

Are there any different types of dentures?

Implant-Supported Dentures (Partial) – Implant-supported dentures are supported by screw-like implants to provide additional support to the denture.

Valplast – Valplast is made of a flexible plastic material. The partial denture uses valplast to make your smile aesthetically pleasing because they aren’t noticeable like the metal ones.

Stayplate (Temporary Denture) – While both complete and partial are permanent dentures, Stayplate is temporary. Stayplate is a star-shaped plate that is placed when you need a tooth extraction. They support bone healing and replace your missing tooth until you get the permanent restoration.

Dentist in Monroe, NC

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Differences Between Full & Partial Dentures | Monroe Family Dentistry
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