Dental implants are an outstanding option for replacing missing teeth. They can replace single or multiple teeth and may reduce the need for other dental treatments such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. The procedure is less invasive and involves placing a titanium post into the jawbone, where it will fuse with the rest of your bone over time. 

More About Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery has become a common procedure. They offer several advantages over traditional tooth replacement options like removable partials or full dentures, which have higher failure rates in older adults due to bone loss from age-related factors or declining health.

Older people are more likely to lose their teeth with age progression. The good news is that these dental implants can be used as an alternative solution to your natural teeth. It’s imperative to note that as older patients, you should consult your dentist before undergoing tooth implantation.

Is Dental Implant Suitable For Elderly Patients?

Yes, it is. Dental implants have a positive impact on senior patients. Even though they may be suffering from osteoporosis or osteopenia, their dentist may still be able to place an implant. 

It’s worth noting that bone-sparing medications like bisphosphonates don’t necessarily affect the implantation process. So, if you are on bone-sparing medications, there isn’t anything you should worry about. 

In case you don’t have enough bone left for implant placements, dental surgeons can offer a variety of options other than bone grafting. 

The Benefits Of Dental Implants For Seniors

Seniors can reap the benefits of dental implants just like any other dental patient. Here are a few benefits of implants for elders.

1. Improves A Person’s Ability To Eat

Dental restoration is the answer to lost teeth. Patients with missing teeth have difficulty chewing, which makes eating more challenging, unless they opt for soft foods. They may not be able to eat as much fruits or vegetables, which may lead to malnutrition, but dental implants can help improve a person’s life.

2. Enhance Appearance

You will feel empowered with your new set of teeth. You’ll be able to smile in public and show off your beautiful smile to people. For seniors who are insecure about looking or smiling because it makes them look old, implants can give them a reason to smile without holding back.

3. Cost-Effective Option

Although dentures are an alternative option for missing teeth, they don’t last a long time. This is because dentures can break and require maintenance. On the other hand, implants are a permanent dental solution that can last a long time with proper care. The lasting nature of implants makes them a cost-effective dental restoration.

4. Convenient

Dentures are an old-fashioned way to wear false teeth, but, other than that, they can also be bothersome and dangerous. They can slip and stain easily. Tooth implants provide a more natural look and feel for elderly patients than denture adjusters or bridges that cause discomfort while sleeping or eating. Also, unlike dentures, you don’t need to take extra steps to clean implants.

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What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants For Elderly Patients
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What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants For Elderly Patients
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