5 Best Ways to Treat Tooth Sensitivity

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

Dentine hypersensitivity or tooth sensitivity is when a hot or cold food or beverages makes a shivering and severe impact in your mouth.

Damaged enamel exposes the dentin, and hot or cold substances can affect those nerve endings. Each time you drink or eat, it becomes traumatic experience for your teeth and mouth.

How to Treat Tooth Sensitivity?

Use Desensitizing Toothpaste

Several toothpaste brands can soothe your sensitive teeth. Some of them are available as an over-the-counter product, while others may need a recommendation from your dentist.

Also make sure you get a fluoride gel. Fluoride will fill the gaps in the enamels and will save you from teeth sensitivity. 

Try to avoid highly acidic food

Acid is a desrtuctive force for the enamel. Acidic foods and beverages are responsible for more tooth decay than any other food. Sour products like yogurt or juices as well as carbonated drinks can dissolve the enamels and expose the dentin.

Use a mouthwash with extra fluoride

Mouthwash not only freshens your breath in the morning but also prevents tooth sensitivity. Extra fluoride mouthwash ensures good oral health by removing bad breath and adding additional protection over the exposed dentin. Make sure you consult with your dentist in Monroe NC, Dr. Mjahed, before choosing your mouthwash. Sometimes the wrong mouthwash can cause periodontal diseases.

Start the morning with a soft-bristle toothbrush

Soft is always soothing for any dental or gum issues. A hard-bristle toothbrush will not only damage the enamel but will also harm your gum tissue. For proper dental care, get a soft-bristle toothbrush and start your day right.

Use a mouth guard if you grind your teeth

Children and also adults grind their teeth sometimes. Along with damaging the surface of the teeth, you will also reduce the gum line by grinding your teeth. A receding gum line will eventually turn into a damaged tooth, and you may end up paying for a root canal or other dental surgery.

Try to use a mouth guard, especially during sleep or any physical activities. You will be surprised by its effect.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Damage to the enamel causes tooth sensitivity. Removal of enamel exposes the core nerves and makes the tooth sensitive to hot or cold. Thus, any activities that can damage the coating can cause tooth sensitivity.

Gum Recession

The recession of gums can expose the nerves and make your tooth sensitive to temperature changes. The receding gum can occur due to infections and periodontal or gum diseases among others.

Brushing too Much

Brushing is a great way to keep your teeth healthy. However, too much brushing with excessive pressure can damage the enamel and also shorten the gums and initiate recession.

Sore Gums

Sore or inflamed gums known as gingivitis is are another common cause of tooth sensitivity. Gingivitis exposes the root and sides of the teeth and can cause sensitive teeth.

Grinding or Clenching

Do you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth? It’s a serious reason behind damaged enamel, exposed root surface, and sensitive teeth. The underlying cause may be varied; however, the result is the same.

Plaque or Tartar Buildup

Poor oral hygiene can lead to plaque buildup and, eventually, tartar. The bacterial content in those buildups eat up the enamel and expose the core nerve. Additionally, the bacteria also causes the inflammation of the gums.

Excess Use of Mouthwash

Mouthwash may feel refreshing in the morning; however, long term use may have a counterproductive effect. Strong acids in some mouthwash, like any acidic food, can damage the enamel and make your teeth sensitive.

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