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Being a parent means helping your child overcome fears that could impede him or her from developing normally. One very common fear is a fear of going to the dentist. We have seen this fear in many children (and even a few adults!), and we want to help explore ways to address it.

Some Children Do Well Going with Parents to the Dentist

Should Your Child Go with You to The DentistAn excellent way to help your child overcome his or her fear of the dentist is to have your child go with you when you come in for a routine visit. This will do a few things for him or her.

First, it will help the child see that there is nothing to be anxious about. When he or she sees you sit in the chair, receive your treatment, and walk out without any ill effects, it will help him or her to understand that going to the dentist is really not that big of a deal.

Also, if you have your child go with you when you come to see us, it will help him or her to become used to the office. Remember that frequently children are afraid simply because they are uncomfortable and unfamiliar with their surroundings. So, by bringing your child with you when you come to visit us, you help him or her become used to the idea of coming to our office.

We at Monroe Family Dentistry are committed to helping your children remain healthy and happy while they grow up. Part of this is coming to the dentist’s office for a regular cleaning.

We are happy to take some time to meet with you and your child and get to know him or her before putting him or her in the dentist’s chair. You might even find that it is helpful to come take a tour of the office before he or she needs to come in for a cleaning or other procedure.

Contact us at Monroe Family Dentistry today, and we’ll help you help your child to overcome his or her fears.

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