Root canal endodontic therapy is a dental treatment that deals with infected teeth and pulp. The goal of the therapy is to treat the infected pulp of a tooth by disinfecting the area. The process involves removing the infected pulp, cleaning and decontaminating the canal, and then sealing the tooth using gutta-percha or Zinc-based cement to protect the tooth from future bacterial attacks. The complexity of the procedure varies from patient to patient.

If you need to get your root canal therapy done and are thinking of the pros and cons, this article has got you covered:

The Advantages Of Root Canal Therapy

Relieves Tooth Pain

The most noticeable symptom of an infected tooth is pain. Tooth pain can be excruciating and debilitates normal function. By scheduling a root canal therapy session, your dentist will be able to eliminate the pain. If the thought of meeting your dentist terrifies you, rest assured. Root canal therapy is pain-free and safe. Your dentist will be gentle on the sensitive area and apply a local anesthetic to eliminate discomfort.

It Preserves Your Natural Tooth Structure

A root canal can save your tooth if the problem is diagnosed early. Every doctor tries to preserve a patient’s natural teeth. Dental prosthetics such as implants and dental bridges are options they keep as a last resort. By undergoing a root canal, your dentist will be able to preserve your natural tooth and reduce painful inflammation.

It Increases the Aesthetic Factor of Your Tooth

Sometimes prosthetic teeth can look disheveled, which doesn’t give an aesthetic view. Root canals can help you achieve a healthy and attractive smile. Since you don’t need to extract a tooth entirely from your gums, you will have a set of uniform-looking teeth after the procedure.

The Disadvantages Of Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals Are Expensive

One of the most upsetting drawbacks is cost. The skills and the complication of the process make it a more costly operation for the patient. However, the cost also varies from person to person and the area undergoing the procedure. This means that your root canal may cost more or less compared to other patients. Always discuss with your dentist about price aspects to be more clear about it.

Root Canals Can Make Your Tooth Brittle

Another major con for this procedure is that your tooth will no longer be alive after undergoing root canal therapy. This is because your dentist will remove the pulp inside your tooth during the procedure. Without the pulp, your tooth is just a shell and nothing else. The tooth will eventually get brittle due to chewing, chipping away, and is more susceptible to cracks and breakage. Is there anything you can do to preserve this tooth? Yes, you can. Fitting a porcelain crown on the tooth will help reinforce the tooth.

The Success Of Root Canal Therapy Varies

A root canal can reduce pain and inflammation by getting rid of the infected pulp of a tooth. With that said, the procedure’s success varies on the skill and experience of the dentist. If the root canal operation fails, you will have no choice but to completely extract the infected tooth to inhibit the infection from spreading. Make sure you always select an experienced dentist specializing in endodontics.

Root canal therapy in NC

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The Pros & Cons Of Root Canal Therapy Explained | Monroe Family Dentistry
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The Pros & Cons Of Root Canal Therapy Explained | Monroe Family Dentistry
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