Pediatric Dentist: 5 Questions To Ask

Pediatric Dentist

Toddlers and Toothache has a very close friendship. They cannot live away from each other. Well, why they won’t? Right after your baby realizes the taste of sweet, sugary food and beverages, tooth and gum issues will be an everyday affair.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), your child should meet his/her dentist after the appearance of the first teeth. Later on, you should take your child every three-month.

During each visit, you can come up with, maybe, hundreds of questions about the youngster’s teeth. However, the following 5 smart questions will cover all our pediatric dental queries.

How can I make my child floss?

Sometimes, it is a daunting task to make an adult floss regularly. No wonder, it will be super tough in case of a child. Nevertheless, the best person to ask for any tips will be your pediatric dentist. They have many helpful pieces of advice in their sleeves.

Flossing needs some extra skills even for children who can brush their teeth. One of the great techniques recommended by the Pediatric dentist is to make your child sit across your lap to supervise the whole task.

Is the baby tooth losing rate healthy for my child?

The tooth fairy may be happy while your child is losing her/his baby teeth, however, it could make you a bit tensed. It is absolutely ok to ask your Pediatric Dentist to ask about the loss rate of your child’s baby tooth.

Children normally start losing their baby teeth between the age of 5 and 7 years. Nevertheless, do not get worried if it starts at the age of 4 years. Those who got their baby tooth early will tend to lose them early too.

Only the four front teeth of the top and bottom will go by the age of seven or eight. The rest of the teeth will go off when they are around ten to twelve years old.

How much Fluoride is necessary for my child?

Fluoride is an essential component of any toothpaste. However, excess Fluoride is harmful to your child’s teeth and may cause cavities and severe toothache. Therefore, ask your Pediatric Dentist before you pick the toothpaste for your child.

The optimum fluoride level in water is one part per million (PPM). However, this quantity varies across the US. If you are living in an area with high Fluoridated water, you may need to use preventative measures. In contrast, if the water is less Fluoridated ask the dentist for Fluoride supplement or special toothpaste.

What are the best food and drink for healthy teeth?

Food and Beverages have a close link with teeth issues of children. Thus, no matter what your child eats, make sure you make them brush and floss at least twice a day. American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing after dinner and before breakfast for everyone.

In the case of beverages, AAPD recommends no soda or artificial juices for your children. If they want it badly, restrict the serving one cup per day. Rest of the day they should drink water. Your Pediatric Dentist will be the best person to ask for tips and advice about your child’s food and drink habits.

Is the sealant necessary for my child?

The sealant is a plastic coating over teeth to protect it from cavity-forming foods and drinks. Though it is not the alternative for regular brushing, however, it is a popular protective measure that can reduce 80% cavities.

The best time to get sealant for your child is at the age of six and again at the age of twelve. The sealant will stay for at least a year. Thus, it is always a great idea to ask the Pediatric Dentist whether the sealant is necessary for your child.

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Pediatric Dentist: 5 Questions To Ask | Dentist In Monroe NC
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Pediatric Dentist: 5 Questions To Ask | Dentist In Monroe NC
Baby and toddler dentist appointments can come with a lot of questions. Here are a few to ask your dentist.
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