Veneers are used worldwide as a cosmetic treatment to conceal dental imperfections and improve the state of your smile. Did you know? Veneers were first introduced by Dr. Charles Pincus, who used to apply these temporary teeth-like fronts to enhance the smile of actors on-screen. And since then, veneers have come a long way. Now, dentists use them on patients to permanently rectify the imperfections of their teeth. Patients love veneers because it’s less invasive, affordable, and can be completed within one or two days, depending on how complex your dental situation is.

However, many are still living under false notions that veneers are harmful. Today’s topic is about educating people and eradicating the myths about veneers.

You need to shave a large portion of teeth for veneers

Thanks to online articles giving false information, people are worried that getting veneers means filing down a significant portion of a tooth. This isn’t true. When you visit your dentist for veneers, they will prepare your tooth by lightly filing the enamel. Filing the enamel helps the veneer stick to your tooth and doesn’t feel bulky. 

Veneers make teeth weaker

This one is correlated with the first myth. Since most people believe that the veneer process can take away a significant portion of teeth, they already assume that it will weaken that particular tooth. Because only a little enamel is removed the tooth isn’t weakened. In addition, the material used for veneers (porcelain) is also a solid and durable material resistant to bruxism.

Veneers are only used on front teeth

Although placing veneers on the upper front teeth is more common, these aren’t the only places to use veneers. Veneers can also be placed on the premolar and lower front of teeth. So, if you have problems with frontal or premolar teeth, you can get veneers on them too.

Veneers do stain

Unlike our natural teeth, porcelain veneers aren’t porous; that’s why they don’t stain. So, whether you drink tea or coffee, you are significantly less likely to get your veneers stained. Gum recession may be another reason why people blame veneers. However, it’s not the actual veneer that gets stained but the color of your natural tooth or root that gives off the distinctive shade that looks like staining. So, if you are suffering from a gum recession, consulting a dentist can help you. 

Anyone can wear veneers

Veneers are for everyone who has healthy teeth and gums. While veneers are accessible to everyone, there are certain limitations regarding the health of your mouth. If you have tooth decay, infection, or gum disease, this procedure may not be right for you. This is because your teeth and gums need to be healed and completely healthy. Dr. K can help restore your damaged or decayed tooth, so if you are in desperate need of veneers, he can help you out.

Applying Veneers in Charlotte, NC

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5 Misconceptions About Veneers You Need To Know
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5 Misconceptions About Veneers You Need To Know
A veneer is a great option to conceal dental imperfections, but some misconceptions may ruin the idea of the procedure. Here are 5 misconceptions we have debunked.
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