Dental bridges are a recommended treatment when you have one or more missing teeth. The bridge is needed to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting or moving, which can affect your smile and can also lead to further oral decay. You may suffer from gum disease and a jaw disorder known as TMJ.

Restore Missing Teeth
When you have missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed to smile because you do not want to show the gap where your teeth once were. You will not be able to speak or chew properly. You will not have an even bite, which may cause other medical problems in the future. Also, the shape of your face may change as your jaw deteriorates. All of these issues can be corrected or prevented by adding bridges and crowns.

There was once a time when your only option, if you needed to replace several teeth side-by-side, was to get bridges and crowns. Now, there are several other options, including dental implants. There are practical reasons for using either of these two options. A bridge is a particularly good idea if the teeth nearby have large fillings and will need to be crowned or capped in the near future. It may also be a good idea to get a bridge if your teeth have been missing for a long time and your jawbone has deteriorated to the point where there is not enough jawbone to insert a dental implant into.

More Affordable Overall

You may think that a dental bridge might not be for you because of the cost, but keep in mind that a bridge from a Monroe dentist can last for many years. Also, your medical expenses will be even larger if you do not get a dental bridge. Dental treatments tend to become more expensive with time if they are not addressed.

If you believe that a dental bridge is right for you, the next step is to get in contact with a Monroe dentist who can then perform the procedure that is necessary to put the dental bridge in place. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.