Dental veneers are one of the best prosthetic solutions to improve your smile. They are practical, cost-effective, and reliable. If you have crooked, misshapen, or discolored teeth, veneers can help you achieve the perfect smile but ever wonder what are some myths about dental veneers?

What Are The Myths About Veneers?

1. Veneers are only used to enhance the appearance

That’s not true at all! One can argue that veneers don’t have much utility other than improving the appearance but there’s another reason why veneers are used. They can also protect your teeth from the decay or damage caused by food and bacteria buildup. And because they are either made of composite resin or porcelain, veneers like these are more potent to endure damage or decay. They also increase confidence, and that’s a huge factor! Suppose you have teeth discoloration and teeth whitening isn’t helping; opting for veneers can be life-saving as you can see drastic results.

2. Getting veneers is a painful procedure

Applying the veneer isn’t usually a painful process. An experienced dentist like Dr. K helps patients relax first. He administers local anesthesia during the procedure. After the procedure, he’ll provide you with post-procedural care to reduce discomfort as well, so you can forget the worry of pain.

3. Veneers are only for the front teeth

We usually see veneers on front teeth in ads but veneers are actually more versatile than you think. They can be placed on all or some of your teeth to hide discoloration, chips, cracks, minor gaps and misalignment.

4. Veneers are susceptible to stain

While composite veneers may stain over time, porcelain veneers don’t. That’s why porcelain veneers are so much in demand these days. They look and act like natural teeth. You can even match the shade to your natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are made to withstand stains, so sipping tea or coffee won’t damage them.

5. Veneers are too expensive

They are actually more affordable than crowns, dental bridges, or implants. Because veneers are made of porcelain, not resin which may be cheaper, but veneers are more durable. You reap the long-term benefits of veneers that outweigh the cost. If you are still concerned about the price, consider financing options and work with your dental insurance plan. 

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6 Common Myths About Dental Veneers | Monroe Family Dentistry
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6 Common Myths About Dental Veneers | Monroe Family Dentistry
We understand veneers can be a little intimidating but they aren't painful. There are more misconceptions like this that we are hell-bent on debunking. Let's start!
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