Ways of Keeping Your Teeth Naturally White

Everyday food and drinks can stain your teeth. Many do not like this unsightly appearance, so keeping them white is something they want to do. With a lot of over the counter methods available, a natural approach may be a more subtle, beautiful way to whiten your teeth without any hassle. Keeping your teeth naturally white [...]

Things to Never Do with Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a beautiful addition to anyone’s smile according to the experts here at Monroe Family Dentistry. They provide a brighter, whiter, put together smile with a short procedure that is performed. There are many things, however, that you should not do when you have dental veneers. This is because they can break, stain or [...]

Should Your Child Go with You to The Dentist?

Being a parent means helping your child overcome fears that could impede him or her from developing normally. One very common fear is a fear of going to the dentist. We have seen this fear in many children (and even a few adults!), and we want to help explore ways to address it. Some Children Do [...]

How Mouth Guards Can Keep Your Teeth Safer

Your teeth are one of the few parts of the body that don’t heal themselves after an injury. As such, making sure that you take good care of them is crucial if you want to enjoy them for the decades they are meant to last. A vital part of keeping your teeth safe is using a [...]

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How a Bite Plate Helps You Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Do you grind your teeth while you sleep? Chances are, if you do, you won’t even know it until someone such as a family member or your dentist enlightens you. A bite plate can go a long way towards stopping the problems associated with bruxism. Bruxism—the technical term for grinding your teeth—can be caused by one [...]

Could Your Teeth Benefit from a Dental Crown?

If you have teeth that have been severely damaged through trauma, decay, or due to some other reason, you may be a candidate for a dental crown. Here at Monroe Family Dentistry, we offer a variety of services including the fabrication and installation of dental crowns. What is a Dental Crown? A dental crown is a [...]

Do All Wisdom Teeth Require Extraction?

Monroe Family Dentistry in NC can provide you with more information on wisdom teeth. If you’re curious to know more about whether or not you need yours removed, they can help. Knowing this information can put you in the right mindset to take care of the teeth issues you’re having. Learn more about wisdom teeth and [...]

Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth

Monroe Family Dentistry in NC provides you with the information needed on straightening your teeth. While, you may already know the reasons to have straight teeth, here are more. You should feel confident with your smile. Our dentistry office can help you achieve that smile and these benefits. Get straighter, better looking teeth today with these benefits [...]

Top Four Reasons to Whiten Your Smile

Having a whiter smile can give you a lot of benefits. You can feel better about yourself, look better to others, and even look healthier with a white smile. There are many good reasons to consider dental whitening. If you come in here at Monroe Family Dentistry, we can help you figure out if your teeth [...]

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Which Type of Dental Crown is Best for Your Situation?

Getting a dental crown is a big step towards preserving the health of your teeth after you have suffered tooth damage from trauma or decay. However, be aware that there are different types of crowns, and each type offers a different advantage. With that in mind, here are the advantages of each type, and the situation [...]