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Dentures are a prosthetic device used to replace missing teeth and restore the natural and youthful appearance of your smile. The soft and hard tissue of the oral cavity support these devices along with a bonding agent to help stabilize the denture in place.

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There are two types of dentures available:

Partial dentures

Partial removable dentures also are known as a bridge, consist of replacement teeth that are attached to a plastic base that holds dentures in place. This type of denture is used when natural teeth still exist.



Full dentureComplete dentures are used to replace all missing teeth in a single arch or both. They are fitted with an acrylic base that is created to match the look of your natural gums.

Determining which type of denture is best for you will require a consultation appointment that includes an exam. This examination will help to determine whether or not you should keep existing teeth that are strong or if you should remove all teeth a opt for a full denture.

When should you get dentures?

Dentures are used when a patient has a significant loss of teeth due to injury, gum disease or decay. This tooth replacement option is necessary to improve your ability to chew and digest food properly. Replacing missing teeth can help reduce face sagging and slow down the loss of other teeth.

After dentures are placed in the mouth an adjustment period is expected until the wearer becomes comfortable with using the device. If long-term discomfort occurs make your dentist aware so that adjustments can be made.

Cost Associated with Dentures

Dentures are an inexpensive solution to replacing missing teeth. With cost starting at or around $400 for most practitioners this affordable option can be used to help patients with any budget.