The Best Toothbrush Recommended By Dentists

A walk down the toothbrush aisle in the drug store can be far more confusing than it really should be. With all the toothbrush options available today, choices are too many. Making thing worse we have to decide between electric or [...]

The Importance Of Teeth Cleaning

The importance of teeth cleaning from a qualified Monroe Family Dentistry practitioner. There are very few feelings in life that are as fresh and vibrant as having clean teeth after the dentist has been able to use their professional tools to remove any [...]

5 Tips For Your Child’s Oral Health Care

It can be difficult to raise children to use healthy habits. However, ensuring dental health in their children can seem especially challenging. For this reason, the best policy is to start encouraging good oral care habits as soon as they develop teeth. [...]

7 Horrifying Things Flossing Helps Prevent

Brushing your teeth twice a day is important for your oral health, but if you are not flossing your teeth after brushing, you could be in for some problems with your teeth and gums. No amount of brushing can thoroughly remove all [...]